Welcome! Do you ever dream of the wonderful tastes and smells of Mom’s or Grandma’s mouthwatering Sunday dinners? Family recipes are sometimes lost through the passing of our family members. Dad’s Good Food is a collection of our family’s favorite dinners, BBQ creations, delectable side dishes, yummy desserts and more that we have enjoyed for generations. I put together these favorites for my family so they would be able to not just reminisce but also experience those luscious tastes and smells anytime they like!

It is my honor to present recipes from my wife, Dewey’s kitchen; my mother, Ethel’s kitchen my mother-in-law, Opal’s Southern kitchen, as well as my own creations adapted from both sides of our blended, beloved family heritage.

I thank you all for taking the time to review and even try the recipes from the collections of Dad’s Good Food. Please enjoy!

Enjoy and have fun! From Dad’s Good Food